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57 Maki Bros. RSW Seiner SN174
57 x 17 MAKI BROTHERS. John Deere 12.5L 330 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG-514 gear. Isuzu 40 kW & Isuzu 15 kW gensets. Flush deck. Packs 85,000 lbs in (2) holds. Cold Sea 20-ton RSW. Full seine deck equipment, Mustad autobaiter & 24" Nordic hauler. (7) Berths in (2) staterooms. Head w/ shower. Located Wrangell, Alaska.
$575,000 NEW LISTING 06-22-20

41 Deltaga Troller TR046
41 x 11-5 DELTAGA BOAT WORKS. Cummins 6BT 210 hp diesel w/ 3,500 hrs. Twin Disc gear. Packs 15,000 lbs in insulated hold. Currently an ice boat but 4.108 Perkins and Carrier compressor 05D, HP80 Freon, blast freeze on board. (3) Berths. Enclosed head w/ shower. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Includes misc. longline & troll gear. OR & WA Troll permits available. Located Anacortes, Washington.
$135,000 NEW LISTING 06-17-20

37 Wegley Gillnetter GN792
37 x 13 WEGLEY. Completely rebuilt w/ Nida-Core honeycomb construction, needs to be finished! Volvo 122D 480 hp w/ 0 hrs on rebuild. ZF 1.5:1 gear w/ troll valve. 18 kt top speed @ 2000 RPM & 20 GPH. Flush deck. Packs 20,000 lbs in (11) insulated holds plumbed for RSW. (4) Berths. 600 gal fuel in (2) new aluminum tanks. Available: reel w/ levelwind, Kolstrand power roller, 12' boom w/ PL-2 winch, SS pot / longline hauler & more! Located Seward, Alaska.

37 Carlson Gillnetter / Longliner GN789
37 x 12-4 CARLSON. 2016 John Deere 6068 355 hp diesel w/ 4,500 hrs. Twin Disc 2.12:1 gear w/ troll valve. 2-Station helm w/ Kobalt steering & MMC controls. Flush deck, new 2014. Packs 9,000 lbs in (3) insulated holds. Kolstrand driven reel w/ Maritime Fab auto-levelwind. Power roller. (3) Berths. Head w/ shower. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Located Wrangell, Alaska.

36 Albion Longliner / Troller LL104
36 x 11 ALBION LONGLINER / TROLLER. Volvo Penta MD70A 130 hp diesel. Capitol reduction gear. Morse controls. Packs 12,000 lbs in (9) holds. 2019 Precision Boatworks LL reel. Bloom boom winch. Simplex 3-spool troll gurdies. Sleeps (2). Complete electronics w/ ComNav autopilot. Seller would consider financing. Would also trade for 2C or 3A quota. Power Troll permit available. Located Hoonah, Alaska. 

50 Monk / Chesterfield Longliner LL065
50 x 14-9 MONK DESIGN. 1975 Steel longliner built by Harold Chesterfield. 2010 John Deere 6081 375 hp diesel main. Twin Disc MG-509 gear. Packs 55,000 lbs in (2) insulated, glassed holds. Wagner steering & MMC controls. Northern Lights 20 kW genset. Nordic longline hauler. Interior needs work, currently undergoing complete refurbishment. Located Homer, Alaska.

42 Sunnfjord Longline / Gillnet / Jig LL105
42 x 12-7 SUNNFJORD. Volvo Penta TAMD72 430 hp diesel. Twin Disc 2:1 gear w/ trolling valve. 3-Station helm. Longline reel w/ levelwind. Maritime Fab power roller. Schedule 80 main boom w/ Bloom picking winch. Bloom topping winch. Wagner autopilot. (4) Berths. Head w/ shower. Includes (5) DNG 6 auto-jigging machines & LOTS of longline gear. Located Akutan, Alaska.

42 Polar Marine Longliner / Gillnetter GN780
42 x 14-5 POLAR MARINE. Lugger 6125A 440 hp diesel w/ 3,000 hrs on 2008 rebuild. Twin Disc 2:1 gear. Flush deck. Packs 30,000 lbs in insulated holds. Aluminum deck shelter, new 2005. KEM driven longline reel w/ levelwind. Power roller. Complete electronics w/ ComNav autopilot. (4) Berths. Enclosed head. Includes longline gear & gillnet reel. Located Homer, Alaska.

48 Otter Works CH159
48 x 14-6 STEEL OTTER WORKS. Built new 2010! Monk designed for year-round living in extreme conditions. John Deere 6081AFM 375 hp w/ 1200 hrs. Fully insulated living quarters, could be converted to 50,000 lb fish hold. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. (3) Double berths. Enclosed head. Includes 10' kayak, raft & lots of new spare parts! Would consider partial trade. Located Kodiak, Alaska.

44 Roberts Gillnetter GN805
44 x 13-9 ROBERTS. Volvo TAMDA 122 350 hp diesel. Twin Disc gear. 4-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & ZF controls. Packs 20,000 lbs in (15) RSW holds. Flush deck. Sliding net reel w/ levelwind. Power roller, rebuilt. Main boom w/ Kinematics winch. (4) Berths. Head w/ shower. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Setnet permit & gear available - $60,000. Located King Cove, Alaska.
$362,000 NEW LISTING 07-08-20

40 Winterhalter Charter / Longliner LL094
40 x 12 WINTERHALTER. Turnkey vessel! Includes longline, charter halibut and charter salmon gear. Twin Nanni 6.420 TDI 320 hp diesels w/ 1,100 hrs. Konrad outdrives. Kolstrand line hauler & side roller. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. (4) Berths. Enclosed head w/ shower. Motivated seller! Located Valdez, Alaska

53 Skookum Troller / Longliner TR039
53 x 15-3 SKOOKUM TROLLER / LONGLINER. GMC 6-71 180 hp diesel. Twin Disc 509 3:1 w/ troll valve. Kolstrand 22" hydraulic line hauler. Simplex 3 spool salmon gurdies. Bait shed w/ cleaning table. Pullmaster boom winch. (4) single berths. (1) king berth. Marine head w/ shower. Located Wrangell, Alaska.

40 Wegley Gillnetter GN724
40 x 13 WEGLEY. New 2017. CAT C-9 503 hp diesel w/ 1500 hrs. ZF gear. 3-Station helm w/ Hydraulic steering & Glendenning controls.12 kt cruise & 23 kt top speed. Gillnet reel w/ levelwind. Aluminum crab tank. 16' aluminum mast w/ 11' boom. Hydraulic davit w/ line hauler. Flush deck. Marine head w/ shower. Located West Port, Washington.

32 Freestyle Marine RSW Gillnetter / Longliner GN761
32 x 14-4 FREESTYLE MARINE. Scania 680 hp diesel w/ 11,000 hrs. Twin Disc 2:1 gear. 10" Bow thruster. Pac West 7.5-ton RSW. Kolstrand gillnet reel, new Kinematics LL reel & 7/16" tar longline, power roller. Packs 24,000 lbs floating salmon in (8) insulated holds plumbed for RSW. Flush deck. Sleeps (5). Head w/ steam shower. BB Drift permit available. Located Homer, Alaska.

58 Union Bay Boat Works Pkg LL088
57-9 x 27 UNION BAY BOAT WORKS. Excellent for longline, seine, pot, tender! Vessel rebuilt in 2007. Cummins KTA 19-M3 main 640 hp. Teknotherm 20-ton RSW. Packs 95,000 lbs in (2) holds. Shelter deck. LLPs included! Located Seattle, Washington.
$1,075,000 INCLUDES LLPs!

52 Polar Marine Longliner LL099
52 x 14-5 POLAR BOATWORKS. Twin John Deere 330 hp diesels, new 2015. Twin Disc gear. 3-station helm. Northern Lights auxiliary. Aluminum deck shelter. Kolstrand KEM drive levelwind longline reel. Port side power roller. All new cabin 2015, w/ sauna. Motivated seller, make offer! Located Seward, Alaska.

44 Custom Hansen Gillnetter / Longliner GN769
44 x 14 CUSTOM HANSEN. Built in 2014. Isuzu 6HK1WM-AB 350 hp diesel. Twin Disc 507 2:1 gear w/ troll valve. Bow thruster. Autopilot. Flush deck. Hydraulic drive aluminum net reel w/ power roller. Marine head w/ shower & tub. Sleeps (6). Located Haines, Alaska.

32 Thermodyne Longliner / Gillnetter LL097
32 x 9-6 THERMODYNE. Vessel is almost through being converted from gillnetter to longliner. CAT 1160 diesel. KEM longline reel w/ levelwind. Hydroslave crab block. Shrimp pots. Sounder, GPS, plotter. Dickinson stove. Jabsco head. VERY MOTIVATED, MAKE OFFER! Located Seward, Alaska.
$9,000 PRICE REDUCED 07-07-20

36 Roberts / Martin Troller GN753
36 x 11 ROBERTS / MARTIN. John Deere 6068 220 hp diesel & Twin Disc gear w/ 9,000 hrs. 3-Station helm w/ hydraulic steering & MMC controls. Packs 8,000 lbs in (2) holds rigged for brailers. Sleeps (4). Enclosed head. Located Petersburg, Alaska.

32 Bay Marine RSW Gillnetter / Longliner GN693
32 x 12-2 BAY MARINE. Gillnetter / Longliner. Lugger-Kamatsu 460 hp diesel & ZF 1.759:1 gear. Packs 20,000 lbs. Pac West 5-ton RSW. Flush deck. Marol steering & MMC controls. KEM driven aluminum reel w/ levelwind. Kolstrand power roller. Marine head w/ shower. Complete electronics & autopilot. Located Wasilla, Alaska.

42 Sunnfjord GN720
42 x 13 SUNNFJORD. Seine / gillnet / longline / crab. Mann Twin Turbos. Packs 18,000 lbs. 4 x 5 KEM drive reel. Power roller. 19" seine block. Kolstrand double capstan deck winch. Topping winch. Main & picking booms. Removable custom Sunnfjord seine deck. Located Kenai, Alaska.

42 Delta Marine Charter CH160
42 x 13 DELTA MARINE. Single Cummins QSM11 635 hp diesel w/ < 1000 hrs. Twin Disc MG-5114 marine gear. Aluminum davit & Hydro-Slave pot puller. (4) manual down riggers. (8) deep sea rods. (5) trolling rods w/ reels. Radar, GPS-plotter-sounder. (4) Berths. Marine head. MOTIVATED SELLER, make offer. Needs engine work. Located Homer, Alaska.

40 Russian Marine Gillnetter GN717
40 x 11-1 RUSSIAN MARINE. Lugger L6108-A2 375 hp diesel w/ 3200 hrs. Twin Disc MG-507 2:1 gear. 3-Station helm w/ Capilano steering & ZF controls. 12 kt cruise & 16 kt top speed. Packs 16,000 lbs in insulated hold w/ bin boards. Flush deck. Kolstrand sliding reel w/ levelwind. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Cook Inlet Drift permit available. Located Homer, Alaska.

38 Martishev Gillnet / Longline GN510
38 x 11-2 MARTISHEV. Cummins 6CT 300 hp diesel w/ Twin disc gear. Packs 14,000 lbs. Aluminum gillnet reel w/ longline spool. Longline roller & power roller. Complete electronics w/ ComNav autopilot. Dickinson Pacific range. (4) Berths. Marine head. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Basargin / Ivanov RSW GIllnetter GN735
32 x 14-4 BASARGIN / IVANOV. Built new 2016! Cat C-18 1001 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc MG-5145SC 1.20:1 gear. 3-Station helm. 11" bow thruster. IMS 7.5 ton RSW. Kinematics Twister drive reel w/ levelwind. Power roller. Packs 22,000 lbs in (4) holds. Sleeps (6). Marine head w/ shower. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 American Commercial Gillnetter / Longliner GN682
32 x 11-4 AMERICAN COMMERCIAL. Cummins 5.9L 210 hp diesel w/ 3000 hrs. Twin Disc gear. 4-Station Hynautic controls & Orbitrol steering, 23 x 21" prop. Pack 10,000 lbs in (7) holds w/ brailers. Flush deck. Twister drive levelwind reel. Maritime Fab power roller. Nordic longline roller. Marine head w/ shower. (4) berths. Includes gear. SE drift permit available. Located Petersburg, AK. 

41 Master Bay Gillnetter GN744
41 x 14 MASTER BAY. Volvo TAMD 122D 462 hp diesel w/ 20,000 hrs & ZF 2:1 gear. 3-Station helm w/ SeaStar steering & Hynautic controls. 8.5 kt cruise @ 1300 RPM. ComNav autopilot. Maritime Fab roller. KEM driven net reel w/ chain levelwind. Pullmaster winch on boom. Packs 20,000 lbs in (6) holds. Sigmar diesel stove. Sleeps 3. Enclosed head. Located Hoonah, Alaska.

88 Master Boat Builders Trawl Package TN040
88 x 23 MASTER BOAT BUILDERS. CAT 3508 850 hp diesel. Reintjes marine gear. (3) aux engines. Packs 235,000 lbs tanked. Fully equipped to trawl. Includes BS non-trawl and CG & WG trawl & non-trawl LLP to 89'. 2018 marine survey available. $1.1M for boat only. Located Seward, Alaska. 

58 Hydraulic Supply TN041
58 x 24 RSW HYDRAULIC SUPPLY. CAT 3408 485 hp turbocharged diesel, overhauled 2017. 2014 TwinDisc 516 gear. Isuzu 4PD1PV & John Deere 6068 diesel aux. JK Fabrications seine winch, (2) PullMaster M-18 trawl winch, PullMaster lifting winches. Complete electronics including autopilot. Packs 120,000 lbs. Marine head w/ shower & sink. 4-burner range, fridge/freezer, washer/dryer. Seine & drag gear available. Located Sand Point, Alaska.

45 Hansen RSW Seiner / Longliner SN164
45 x 14 HANSEN. CAT 3306 250 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc MG-508 2:1 gear. IMS 7.5-ton RSW. Kolstrand SW1N deck winch. Sikich power block. Topping and vanging winches. Sleeps (5). Available as PWS Seine package for $425,000. Available after 2020 season. Located Cordova, Alaska.

42 LaConner RSW Gillnet / Longline / Seine GN683
42 x 14 LACONNER. 2017 CAT C9.3 475 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc gear. IMS 12-ton RSW. Packs 28,000 lbs. Kinematics Twister drive levelwind reel. Maritime Fab power roller. Includes seine & longline deck gear. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. (4) berths. Marine head w/ shower. Located Homer, Alaska.

40 Kipida Marine Gillnetter GN755
40 x 11-1 KIPIDA MARINE. Needs repower. CAT 3208TA 320 hp & Twin Disc MG-507 2:1 gear. 3-Station Mather controls 2/ Capilano steering.  KEM drive aluminum net reel. Longline reel included. Sound power roller w/ fairleads. Packs 20,000 lbs. Sleeps (4). Marine head w/ shower. Located Kasilof, Alaska.

36 Custom Built Aluminum Hull GN754
36 CUSTOM BUILT ALUMINUM HULL. Partially finished hull w/ potential for landing craft, gillnetter, or house boat; finish according to your needs! Includes $4,500 in additional aluminum and  $10,000 worth of welding equipment. Located in Homer, Alaska.

35 Bay Marine Longliner LL102
35 x 15-8 BAY MARINE LONGLINER. John Deere Power Tec 526 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG-51144D 2.04:1 gear. 3-Station Hynautic controls w/ Marol hydraulic steering. Northern Lights diesel aux. Packs 30,000 lbs. Kolstrand drive aluminum longline reel, transom power roller w/ fairleads. Stainless side roller & aluminum deck shelter. Complete electronics. Sleeps (2). Located Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

34 Kvichak Gillnet / Longline / Seine GN730
34 x 13-3 KVICHAK. Rigged to gillnet, longline & seine. Ready to be chopped to 32: last 2' bow welded on, built for future in Bristol Bay. Lugger L6140A 550 hp diesel w/ 11,000 hrs & 2016 Twin Disc gear. Bow thruster. 3-Station helm. Flush deck. Packs 20,000 lbs in (7) holds. Plumbed for RSW. Kvichak levelwind reel. Maritime Fab power roller. Complete electronics w/ ComNav autopilot. (4) Berths, enclosed head w/ shower. Located Kenai, Alaska.
$200,000 SOLD

41 Permaglass Plastics Troll / Longline / Gillnet TR036
41-3 x 14-6 PERMAGLASS PLASTICS. John Deere 6081 diesel. Twin Disc 5075 gear w/ troll valve. Hynautic controls. Queensborough drum fits 25 skates, Longline spooler, line hauler, electric winch & davit for lifting skiff. Full fridge/freezer. (4) bunks. Shower room & washroom. Vessel would need to be ad-measured to participate in U.S. fisheries. Located Vancouver Island, BC.

58 Peterson Steel Tender / Longliner SN140
58 x 21 PETERSON. Fully equipped to tender & longline. Packs 90,000 lbs salmon. John Deere 425 hp diesel. (2) John Deere gensets. Commercial Shearing 117 gal hydro pump. IMS 30-ton RSW. Located Kodiak, Alaska.

38 Ledford RSW Seiner SN143
38 x 13 LEDFORD. Seine / longline / jig / pots. John Deere 6068 175 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG506 gear. IMS 7.5-ton RSW. Packs 27,000 lbs in insulated RSW hold. All aluminum and reinforced rigging. Turn key! Skiff, seine & PWS seine permit available. Located Prince William Sound, Alaska. 

42 LaConner Gillnetter GN653
42 x 13 LACONNER. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA 550 hp w/ 4500 hrs. Twin Disc 5111 marine gear. Packs 7200+ pounds. Gillnet reel. New longline reel w/ rear foot control. Davit. Autopilot. Dickinson diesel stove. (4) Berths. Marine head. Located Kenai, Alaska.

37 Russian Marine Gillnetter GN655
37 x 11-1 RUSSIAN MARINE. Single owner boat! Lugger 370 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG507 gear. 3-station helm. KEM drive gillnet and longline reels. Power roller. Dickinson Alaska heater. Enclosed marine head. Sleeps (4). Located Kenai, Alaska.

32 Mel Martin Bowpicker BP211
32 X 9-9 MEL MARTIN. 2014 Volvo Penta D-6 330 hp diesel. Volvo outdrive 1.78:1 gear. 2-Station helm w/ Volvo steering & Volvo Penta electronic controls. Twister drive aluminum gillnet reel w/ levelwind. Power roller. Packs 7800 lbs in (3) hatches. Located Alaska.

53 Skookum Marine Longliner / Sailboat LL098
53 x 15-3 SKOOKUM MARINE. 2016 John Deere 4045 180 hp diesel w/ 40 hrs. 2016 Twin Disc 5061 3:1 marine gear. Rigged to sail. Packs 45,000 lbs. Thompson line hauler. Aluminum longline setting chute. Stainless live roller. Complete electronics. Dickinson Adriatic stove. Sleeps 5-6. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Basargin Gillnetter / Longliner GN620
32 x 14-1 BASARGIN. Isuzu 200 hp diesel w/ approx 2000 hrs. ZF marine gear. Packs 24,000 lbs salmon in (3) insulated holds. Aluminum net reel. Live roller / hydraulic power roller combo. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Freestyle Marine RSW Gillnetter GN601
32 x 14 FREESTYLE MARINE. Built new 2015. CAT C12.9 1000 hp diesel & Twin Disc 1.5:1 gear w/ 1000 hrs. 8" Bow thruster. 8 kt cruise & 34 kt top speed. New IMS 10-ton RSW. Flush deck. Packs 25,000 lbs in (4) RSW holds. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Located Homer, Alaska.

42 Hydraulic Fishing Supply Gillnet / Longline GN569
42 x 14-5 HYDRAULIC FISHING SUPPLY. Twin CAT 3208TA 375 hp. Twin Disc MG507 marine gears. ZF controls & Capilano steering. Cessna hydraulic pumps. Packs 25,000 lbs in individual brailer holds. Plumbed for RSW. Flush deck w/ 33" aluminum bulwarks. Full electronics. Dickinson oil range. (4) Berths. Located Kenai, Alaska

42 Polar Marine GN503
42 x 14-6 POLAR MARINE. Lugger 6125 440 hp w/ 400 hrs on 2012 rebuild. Twin Disc 2:1 gear. Packs 20,000 lbs. Full electronics. (2) New aluminum fuel tanks 2016. Very clean and well equipped vessel. Includes 15' aluminum skiff w/ Honda 15 hp outboard. Surveyed at 265K. Located Homer, Alaska.

42 Donald Woods Tender TN026
42 x 13 DONALD WOODS. 2014 Cummins 250 hp diesel. Twin Disc 509 gear. Packs 24,000 lbs in single hold. 9 kt cruise @ 1700 RPM. 4 kW gas aux generator. Furuno radar, RayJeff VHF, Uniden VHF, Sea Star autopilot. Dickinson Adriatic oil range. (7) Berths. Located Homer, Alaska.

35 Matsumoto Longline / Jig GN419
35 x 12 MATSUMOTO. Rigged to longline / jig. 2008 Cummins 6BT 220 hp diesel w/ 2000 hrs. ZF 2:1 gear. Sea Star steering & Hynautic controls. Packs 10,000 lbs. Hydro-Slave 6" line hauler. (2) Jig machines. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Located Homer, Alaska.
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